Among others, the SONU parliament bears powers to;

a) Enact rules and regulations for SONU;
b) Deliberate on and resolve issues of concern to the members;
c) Consider and propose amendments to this Constitution to be approved by
the AGM and the Council;
d) Under the guidance of the University Finance Officer, propose budgetary
allocations for legitimate members’ activities, including allowances and
remuneration of SONU officials, for approval by the University
e) Approve policy and agenda of the Executive;
f) Review the conduct of the officers of SONU;
g) Review allowances and remuneration of SONU officials from time to time,
subject to the approval of the University Management Board.
h) Subject to this Constitution, delegate functions to any organ of SONU;
i) Carry out any other duty that may be incidental to performance of its


1 .  Chairman Babu Owino
2 .  V/ Chairman Administration & Finance Winnie Mukiri
3.   V/ Chairlady Administration & Finance Kigen Vincent
4.   Secretary general Alex Matere
5.   Treasurer Caro Njoki
6.   Organizing secretary Humphrey Njoka
7.   Sec Legal Affairs
8.   Sec Health, Accom & Catering Calvince Ochola
9.   Sec Gender
10.  Sec Sports & entertainment
11.  Module 2 rep (1)
12.  Module 2 rep (2)
13.  Parklands Campus Rep
14.  Lower kabete Campus
15.  Upper kabete Campus
16.  Medical school Campus
17.  Chiromo Campus Rep
18.  Kikuyu Campus Rep
19.  CAE Campus Rep
20.  Main Campus Rep