(a) To use all lawful, proper and prudent means to ensure that members’  aspirations and interests are realised.

(b) To promote students’ welfare.

(c) To seek and undertake representation and/or participation in organs of  the University.

(d) To work in close solidarity with other students’ organisations within the University and to establish friendly relations and understanding with other relevant organisations, whose objectives are similar to the Organisation’s.

(e) To seek, enhance and maintain the freedom of conscience, expression, association, academic liberty and all the rights and privileges accruing to members by virtue of their humanity, age, status, sex, citizenship and any other relevant criteria.

(f) To promote the enjoyment of the freedoms, rights and privileges referred to in paragraph (d) above.

(g) To work hand in hand with the University Administration or other University bodies concerned with the enhancement of members’ standard of living and improvement of facilities at the University.

(h) To encourage student academic research and the development of their artistic and professional talents.

(i) To improve and preserve high academic standards in the University.

(j) To improve the student-lecturer relationship by developing and enhancing mutual confidence among the students and lecturers.

(k) To publish and distribute a magazine or other publications in which students can give expression, views, thoughts and creative talents.

(l) To raise funds through any lawful means for purposes of achieving the aims and objectives of SONU.

(m) To participate in comunity service in compliance with the University objects.

(n) To carry out such other activities that may be incidental to achievement of the above objectives.

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